Women's Health under the supervision of specialists

Women's Health under the supervision of specialists
 Russian saying "Thunder does not clap - a peasant will not cross" actually applies to many women who appear in clinics only after the sick. This behavior is typical even for those women who care about their beauty and appearance, regularly visiting a cosmetologist and a gym. And yet, it is a regular medical examination may serve as a guarantee of preservation and of both.

One of the most common problems that women at risk, seek medical advice rather late, is a disease of the breast. This disease occurs in 60% of women. It is characterized by periodic pain in the chest, to which are added and other unpleasant symptoms: swelling of the breasts, heavy feeling in them, discharge from the nipples and engorgement. In the later stages in the mammary glands begin palpable seal, and the patient may feel the presence of a foreign body.

All these symptoms are very similar to those that some women experience before menstruation, so they do not pay attention to them, connecting them with the appearance of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Meanwhile, if they just find it quite easy to cure mastopathy, should be attentive to their own feelings to share and PMS symptoms of mastitis.

To be sure that you are healthy, you need to prevent appear on the doctor-mammalogy and show the gynecologist at least once a year. With the same periodicity to do ultrasound images and rentgenomammografiyu breast, especially if you are over 50 years old. You can to explore the state of his chest, holding him to 6-10 days after the start of the menstrual cycle, feeling all the shares of each series of the breast. At the first suspicion of a tumor, you should immediately see a specialist.

It is not necessary that in case of detection of mastitis, you will be scheduled for surgery. Modern drugs avoid it, especially at the early stage detection of diseases.

Remember that from mastitis no one is immune and causes of stress can be even and regular lack of sleep. Take care of your health - is the foundation of your beauty and youth.

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