Useful tips lovers dry baths

Useful tips lovers dry baths
 To get to the sauna only positive emotions and health benefits, you must follow certain rules. Hot, dry air can be dangerous for people who have chronic diseases, so consult a doctor before visiting the baths reserved.

Visiting dry bath can harm people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels - it is fraught with circulatory disorders and overexertion. If the skin are manifestations of infectious etiology or a person suffers from eczema, inflammatory diseases with changes in the epidermis, the visit of dry baths should also be avoided. No need to take risks to people with diabetes and with a history of chronic diseases of varying severity. When you visit a dry bath body burden increases, authorities are working at full capacity, and some of them can not stand it.

Before entering the steam room should cleanse the body in the shower, and head wrap a towel or a special cap. Hair must be kept dry in order to avoid heat stroke. The first entry in the steam room should not last more than 10 minutes - enough to make the body begins to gradually adapt. The second and third approaches can be performed at 15 and 20 minutes respectively. Steam must proceed in stages, so first go on the bottom shelf, where the air is not so hot. During the procedure to move to higher places, reinforcing effect.

The sauna is good to drink, replenishing lost fluids. Choose water or herbal teas, give up alcohol. The composition of herbs should be selected based on the objectives sauna - suitable for dieters tea currant, and those who want to relax and unwind, you can brew a hawthorn.

Before visiting the bath is recommended to dry a little snack - light, low-calorie meals will help to avoid hunger. But if the purpose of the sauna is weight loss that is not recommended at this time, the procedure is reduced.

Combine a sauna and a cool pool should not be, it's too big for overvoltage vessels. Similar contrasts in temperature can lead to a breach of cerebral blood supply. Breaks between steam rooms can be filled performing cosmetic treatments or massages.

After the sauna is better to relax - to sleep for two hours. Then the effect of the procedure will be fixed - you get the necessary relaxation and restore the body.

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