Relationship between emotions and health

Relationship between emotions and health
 Psychological stress - it's not just something intangible. It leads to a spasm of blood vessels and muscles, internal organs and skeleton. "Nevytesnennye" emotions accumulate and become a negative factor, fraught with cardiovascular, peptic ulcer and other diseases.  

The state of health of the person depends on how he is able to perceive and adapt life situations. Troubles big and small enough for everyone. Why is one person holds "Roly-Poly as" and the other gets complex diseases "nerves." Sick, of course, good and bad, funny and sad, generous and stingy. But still need to think about what can cause "negative" emotions, if you allow them to live within us.

Stable psyche - a person's ability to self-control, the ability to find a constructive solution to difficult situations, possession of skills "switching" and methods of emotional and physical relaxation. It is, finally, the ability to set priorities.

Good-natured people are psychologically more secure than uncompromising and tough. Their mentality is better at "crowding out" of negative emotions in the subconscious and liberation from them.

Uncompromising and tough increasingly fail to soberly assess the situation and their actions, they tend to blame their misfortunes external circumstances, predisposed to aggression and hysterical reactions.

Causes of psychological insecurity personality can be formed under the influence of various factors. It is important to realize that the inability to cope with negative emotions, putting them in a constructive direction, facing defeat health on the physical level.

Carrier of negative energy is "discharge" in conflict with others or "rolls" emotions within themselves from one level to another mental. This energy can not destroy a person. It begins with muscle clips of different levels, then develop destructive reactions to the environment, and as a result there somatic diseases. The struggle for health begins with awareness of the condition and with the desire to help themselves.

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