Remedies for insomnia

Remedies for insomnia
 Why do people suffer from insomnia? Possible reasons are many. It is a conflict in the family or at work and as a result, constant stress. This alcohol and intemperance in eating in the evening. Also can lead to insomnia and many diseases, especially chronic took shape.

To normalize your sleep, do not rush to resort to drugs. After all, the more often you take the drug, the less it works on your body. This happens because of a violation of natural sleep rhythm. Of course, sleeping pills can help you during the exacerbation of the disease. But it is better to try to get back to healthy sleep on their own.

In the evening, do not get carried away with heavy food. Also, do not drink those drinks that contain large amounts of caffeine. Strong black tea, coffee, cola have a stimulating effect and is better to postpone their use in the morning.

Go to bed always at the same time - you need to develop the habit. And try not to watch TV programs in the evenings with aggressive direction. If you are concerned about the state of his dream, it is better read a book or choose a sentimental film, which has no scenes of violence. Not bad at bedtime take a short, leisurely stroll or meditate.

Very warm baths help to relax with essential oils. Especially with oil of lavender or sandalwood. Try practicing cold wraps bedtime.

Most comfortable posture for sleep is considered to pose on the back, with free hands along your body. But even if you prefer to sleep on your side, Do not turn on your left side. So you squeeze the heart and lungs that will prevent deep healthy sleep.

In order to sleep, try to breathe deeply. And do not try to scroll in my head all the things that happened during the day, and think about what needs to be done tomorrow. Need to relax. And this will help the good old means. Drink before bedtime cup of hot milk with honey. Or brew herbal tea. Such plants as meadowsweet, lavender, valerian, fennel, chamomile and linden have a nice relaxing and calming effect.

And to ensure that your dream has become a deep, purchase a latex mattress. It perfectly supports your back.

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