How to train your memory

How to train your memory
 Many people complain of poor memory, arguing that the memory they got "leaky." Ability to remember all the people really are different, however, you should not think that this can not be changed. The memory can be trained, and this is not so difficult.

One of the causes of a bad memory is the inability to concentrate. We dissipate our attention, without delaying it on the subject that you want to remember, and as a result can not remember important information when you need it. To remedy the situation, learn to focus. Start with simple things - for example, try to remember a list of products for which go to the store. Focus and mentally repeat it several times on what not distracted, and feel free to go for groceries. Even if at first you forget something, do not worry. Over time you will learn to memorize lists of any length.

Also a good memory depends on whether you are able to create a clear picture of what you need to remember. Many people are not able to do this, however, this does not mean that it is impossible to learn. To improve this ability to do the following exercise: imagine yourself mentally ... camera and take pictures of what you want to remember. Fix the picture in detail. Take a day for 10-20 "snapshots" of what surrounds you, and after a while you'll see how your memory is improved.

These were the "preparatory" exercises. Once you dedicate to them a few weeks, it's time to move on to the next stage - the actual training. In order to train your memory, take a magazine, stop look at advertising, or some complex images. How should I study it, memorize where a subject is located. Close the log and memory write a list of everything that is in the picture, and where the image is the subject. Then open the magazine and check yourself. The more you train, the more complex the picture choose.

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