How to sleep

How to sleep
 Sleep is an integral part of our lives and is considered the best way to relax. A healthy sleep - also an ideal source of well-being and mood throughout the day, contributing to the preservation of health and youth. According to statistics, more than a third of the world population suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders. They wake up in the morning tired and not enough sleep. They lost efficiency and productive activity during the day. That is why it is very important to have a good rest.  

To ensure a healthy sleep and normal state of health must adhere to certain guidelines.

It is recommended to go to bed before midnight, better in 22-23 hours. Before going to bed is very useful to get some fresh air. Quiet and should be aired in the bedroom.

Try not to take evening stimulating the body drinks: coffee, tea, orange juice. Do not engage in physical or mental work, do not read or watch TV. This can lead to difficulties in falling asleep.

It is better to take a warm shower or bath with soothing aromatic herbs, listen to relaxing music, because positive emotions before bedtime are excellent means for a good mood after awakening.

Orthopedic surgeons recommend sleeping on a hard bed. Too many people prefer to orthopedic mattresses and pillows refuse to use. In this they are right, because for complete relaxation of the spine neck should be level with the body.

Very useful to sleep naked. Skin while resting. If this is not possible, you should choose pajamas made of natural fabrics, without tight elastic bands or belts.

Absorb preferably on the abdomen. Since the spine is straightened, and the body relaxes. This position also helps to maximize the work of the kidneys in the removal of toxins.

Need to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you snack at night, go to sleep on his right side. This position is also useful for the spine, in addition, reducing the likelihood of snoring. A padded cheek clasped palms remove accumulated during the day excitement.

Equally important is sleep duration. Physiological norm for an adult is considered to be an 8-hour night's sleep. Usually this is enough time to sleep and the next morning feeling good.

Of course, each person is different, and the necessary duration of sleep at everyone. But we should remember that oversleeping sometimes worse lack of sleep, and often a person is saved poor health for the whole day.

Adhering to the above recommendations, you will be able to normalize your sleep, make it healthy and vigorous and viable himself morning person.

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