How to sleep less and with health benefits

How to sleep less and with health benefits
 Today the problem of chronic sleep deprivation touched many. This leads many factors: study, birth, fatigue at work and many other reasons. Students, mothers of young children and just constantly busy people know firsthand about the "chronic lack of sleep." Thoughts somewhere else, a person constantly "dented", cast iron head. This state of the body really does not contribute to productivity at work.

Due to lack of sleep total people just three days becomes the face "antisocial zombie." If a constant load makes it impossible to sleep for 8-9 hours, then what to do? We must find a way to sleep in less time.

Most processes in the body, including sleep directs brain. Since the frequency of the dream has rightly think that it is based on a certain periodicity, namely light cycle "day-night." Two nights without sleep already doing mind-sided, and a person can not think properly. There are many problems such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, memory loss, depression, obesity, and many other ailments.

Somnology (specialists who study sleep) argue that today no new ways to shorten the duration of sleep without harm to the body. For a normal life and recuperation man missing 5, 5 hours in a sleepy kingdom. However, this does not mean that people will feel fresh and sleep. And all due to the fact that there are several sleep phases.

There is a slow sleep and sleep fast. During REM sleep the brain processes information accumulated during the day. But during slow-wave sleep is the use of health: the brain at this time processes information about the problems in the body. In this phase, recovering the energy needed by the body, there is a cell growth and repair.

For people who want to shorten the duration of dreams, the main task is to determine the time for effective sleep, which is very difficult. For correct calculation need to spend a single experiment. First, select a pair of unoccupied days when you can not afford not to sleep more than a day.

Experiment start at midnight. From this point begin to listen to their own feelings and body. Understand, when the body wants to sleep, it's easy, because the attacks will begin to fall asleep. For further analysis, any changes with your body is worth recording. Specify the time when there was a desire to sleep was assessed by 3-point scale attack force sleep and record its duration.

All this needs to continue to midnight the next day. Further, to sleep, define two most powerful attack sleepiness. For example, the first phase of from 6 to 7 am, the second from 17 to 18 days. Then, the ideal schedule would look like this: from 4 to 9 am and from 15 to 20 o'clock.

Do not forget to take into account that when the dream will be effective, and can be skipped. Therefore, 2 hours before "your" time should not drink coffee and no internet!

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