How to reduce sleep

How to reduce sleep
 Sleep - is an integral part of human life, in which restoring force increases immunity. Lack of rest can negatively affect health. To restore power as quickly as possible, it is necessary to have a strong healthy sleep.  
 If you need to reduce the amount of time you spend on your dream, you must have a purpose for which are willing to sacrifice their sleep. Observed that optimistic people who appreciate every moment of his life, very little sleep and still thrive without experiencing daytime sleepiness.

Find yourself a goal that will keep your tone and good mood. With sufficient motivation, you will always wake up in a good mood that will help the body to recover in a short period of time.

To reduce the amount of sleep, observe the mode of the day. Lie down and get up at the same time, do exercise, take a contrast shower. This is an additional charge you in the morning, and trained body will cope with lack of sleep with no significant damage to health.

Give up bad habits, excessive passion for coffee and energy drinks, alcohol intake, smoking makes your blood vessels weak and fragile. Circulatory failure, you will always sleepy because of poor health. Only good health and an adequate level of physical fitness will help you extend the time of waking.

To sleep was the most profound, give up dinner just before bedtime, do not overeat, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and fresh juices. Three times a year, take a multivitamin.

Before going to bed please create a ritual that helps you fall asleep and wake up in a timely manner. This can be a warm shower, a glass of milk or yogurt, watching TV or a quiet 30 minute reading your favorite book.

Before going to sleep always ventilate the apartment. Hot and stale air space are not conducive to proper rest, and you will not be able to sleep for a short period of time.

Pay special attention to the bedding. They should be as convenient and comfortable for you. If you love high pillow and a heavy blanket, then for a rest you should buy them. Some like weightless blanket and a low pillow. In general, to sleep quickly, it is necessary to fully sleep.

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