How to protect yourself from the flu

How to protect yourself from the flu
 Influenza - a vysokozaraznoe virus spread by airborne droplets. The most seriously he takes in young children as well as elderly and handicapped people. The flu is dangerous for its complications, and therefore need to do everything possible to protect yourself from it.
 Most often, the flu epidemic occur in winter, but there are frequent outbursts of disease in late autumn and early spring. Most susceptible to infection people with weakened immune systems and those who spend much time in places with large concentrations of people. That's why you need to meet the cold head-on.

The most reliable way to protect against influenza is vaccination. You can get vaccinated in the district hospital or in a private medical center, but it is necessary to take care in advance - in November or even better in October. Only in this case will have time to develop specific immunity to the beginning of the epidemic.

If you are late with the vaccine, or it you contraindicated for one reason or another, take antiviral drugs in preventive dosage. These include "Kagocel", "Rimantadine", "Arbidol" and others. Lubricate the nasal mucosa oxolinic ointment or viferonovoy, bury "Grippferon" or "Derinat."

Take your vitamins, but better - enrich your diet foods and beverages rich in them. The most useful vegetables, fruits and juices. In addition, an effective means to enhance immunity is broth hips and cranberry juice.

Added to food onion and garlic. You can chop them expanded in saucers and place them around the apartment. For specific smell you quickly get used, and antiviral effect is pronounced.

Spend tempering procedures. Douches not only give energy boost, but also spur the immune system. Ventilate the room frequently. Fresh cool air is very helpful.

Do not go to places with large concentrations of people, and if you can not avoid this, try to minimize contact with people who appear unwell.

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