How to bathe in a bath

How to bathe in a bath
 Anyone entering the Russian steam bath, should know that the bath - this is a strong therapeutic agent, which must be taken wisely. People are elderly or have a particular disease, visit the bath should be carefully pre consult a physician.

Admission bath treatment calms the nervous system, increases metabolism, improves the body's immunity and mental abilities. Also warming used to treat certain diseases: early stage hypertension, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, rheumatism, et al.

Going to the bath, it is necessary to know what accessories should take with you. These include gloves, a broom, sheets and hygiene items: shampoo, washcloth, soap, pumice for feet, flip-flops. To protect the head from overheating, it is necessary to capture the cap of dense material or felt hat.

Bath procedure - a real science. Do not rush to take them because you get pleasure from reusable approach to the steam room with small intervals of rest. Steam can be no earlier than one hour after eating and can not drink a lot of fluids. In no case should not be before entering the bath to drink alcoholic beverages.

First, in a basin of hot water steamed oak or birch broom. Then spread a towel on the shelf and go, lifting his feet on the stand just above the head. The maximum residence time in the steam room for ten minutes at 90 ° C.

Further, in the dressing room should rest for 10-15 minutes. And so two or three passes, and then - swimming in the pool or a cold shower. Then a longer holiday in the waiting room (preferably lie).

Should not rush to start sweating. When the door is closed the steam room temperature must be about 60 ° C. Three or four minutes should sit, relax, and then gradually increase the temperature for 20 minutes, completely open the door and succumbing to scoop water (kvass, beer, diluted with water, herbal teas). Initially, you can lie on the bottom of the bench, and then rise above. Propotev enough, should be rinsed with water and rest for five minutes.

The next entry is already taking a broom. They obhlestyvayut body to increase blood circulation and warm it up, after wearing gloves. On his head wearing a dry hat.

After bath procedure does not need to hurry to get out of steam, should sit a little, and then take a warm shower.

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