How to avoid caries

How to avoid caries
 Most often, people are turning to dental caries. Caries teeth and exposed children and adults. There are many theories about the origin of caries, however, any one of them says that decay can be easily avoided.
 The most important thing in preventing tooth decay - is to create unfavorable conditions for life and reproduction of various bacteria in the oral cavity. The worst of them dentists bacterium called streptococcus mutans, which produces a potent acid that destroys tooth enamel. But it is the beginning of the damaged enamel caries.

There are several techniques that can be created using oral conditions that hinder the multiplication of harmful bacteria. For example, few people know that hard cheeses are the real fighters of these microorganisms. The fact that the composition contains cheese substances protecting the enamel from breaking (primarily, calcium and phosphorus is). In addition, only a small piece of cheese weighing 15-20 grams can save pH-balance of the oral cavity is normal. Dentists say that eating cheese is equivalent to brushing your teeth, which is why it is especially useful in the composition of the dessert.

In order to prevent caries is useful to have a solid fruits and vegetables - apples, pears, carrots, beets, turnips, and others. With a solid structure, these products help cleanse the teeth of plaque (a favorable environment for bacteria) after consumption of soft food.

And about the useful products from the point of view of the fight against tooth decay. Not contraindicated spicy foods, in particular, spiced. You can, for example, to use pepper dish or smear it with mustard. Due to excessive salivation, harmful acids, promotes the growth of harmful bacteria and destroys the enamel in the mouth neutralized.

How would we have any annoying advertisement of chewing gum, the fact remains - it is useful after a meal. Chewing gum (sugar) as well as in cases of acute food contributes to the formation of additional saliva neutralizing acid. Chew gum should be no more than 15 minutes.

Well after a meal also use a toothpick or dental floss. These tools effectively remove food debris stuck between the teeth. If they are not removed, the colonies of bacteria you provided. And behind them will not be found, caries will quickly enough.

Use mouthwash. Active substances contained in them, help to effectively deal with harmful bacteria. Rinses well freshen the mouth.

And, of course, you need to brush your teeth every day. Morning and evening. This habit is acquired in childhood and must accompany a person throughout his life.

Twice a year, it is obligatory to visit the dentist. Even if no teeth or gums do not bother. Prevention - a reliable way to prevent tooth decay.

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