Dream as a pledge of beauty and health

Dream as a pledge of beauty and health
 Calm and, most importantly, regular sleep - the main key to make your look of freshness and beauty. Healthy, rested appearance more than compensates for the shortcomings of appearance, and give women confidence and, therefore, joyful mood.
 In order to sleep well, sleep and health beneficial, we must try to perform a few simple rules.

It is not necessary to load up before going to bed

Last time you can eat for two hours before bedtime. This is due to the fact that food is digested within two hours, and to the process of digestion was normal, your brain has to stay awake. When a person sleeps, all the processes in his body slowed down, not digested food in the stomach creates a heaviness, discomfort during sleep, unhealthy complexion and excess weight problems. Therefore, to avoid these troubles, try to observe the correct mode and build a power system so that during the day your body is getting enough food to not feel hungry in the evening.

Sleep right time

In order to look fresh and beautiful, you need to sleep 7 - 8 hours a day. The most optimal mode: go to bed and get up to 23.00 at 7 am. It is important to go to bed before midnight and sleep in a completely dark bedroom - in this case melatonin in your body will be produced correctly, and this, in turn, affects the well-being, vitality and presence of normal amounts of endorphins in the blood. It is also important to sleep between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning - a segment of the deepest and health-improving sleep.

What is your mattress?

If you have a financial opportunity, buy a mattress. This mattress has a high stiffness, so the body retains the right position, and therefore, you sleep well.

A pillow?

Best of all, if it is small in size and flat shape. Pillows too big and soft trigger chronic diseases of the spine, poor blood circulation in the brain tissue. If you sleep on an uncomfortable pillow in the morning you feel tired risk and scattered.

Fresh air is required

Be sure to ventilate before bedtime bedroom. Fresh air will help you fall asleep faster, your brain will receive their portion of the oxygen in the morning and your head is clear and fresh complexion.

What wakes you in the morning?

If your Service is like the trumpets of Jericho, and every time you flinch and scared when it rings in the morning - immediately change it to an alarm clock with sonorous signal that at the beginning of ringing softly, and then gradually increase the volume. Thus, you will not experience discomfort and stress, waking from an unpleasant sound, and your awakening will be a pleasant and calm.

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