Autumn depression

Autumn depression
 Autumn time is always mixed feelings. The beginning of autumn with its golden leaves and warm days brings genuine joy, but as soon as the warm days give way to bad weather and slush, bore down on us longing and melancholy. And with them comes and autumn depression. But do not give in to this dull feeling, there are ways to beat the autumn depression.  

One of the main causes of the fall of depression is the reduction of daylight. In this case it is necessary to try to compensate for the lack of daylight. In autumn, you can try to maximize productive use of bright morning hours. To do this, first of all, you need to get up early. Weekends are best carried out in the countryside - a picnic in the countryside, in the open air, surrounded by cheerful company. If you can not break out of the city, just go solarium.

The second, no less important cause of the fall of depression is our inactivity. This problem is very easy to handle - Get fitness, dancing, just walking around or have a morning jog. Buy a subscription to the pool. Any method suitable to bring to life a little more activity.

The third important reason - a lack of vitamins autumn. Try to use the gifts of autumn in full - eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not think that you are stocked up enough vitamins over the past summer. Vitamins do not accumulate in the body, and immediately digestible. So you need to constantly replenish the body with essential vitamins to him. In the autumn of our body is in dire need of vitamins C and A, which can be found in bell peppers and lemons.

The fourth reason - ARI as a consequence of the first three. In the offseason, ARI affects everyone. The human body is warm summer sun, can not immediately get used to the rainy and slushy weather. Moreover, often people neglect elements such as wardrobe scarf and gloves, warm underwear. Therefore, to avoid acute respiratory infections, try to dress warmly and drink plenty of fluids. Try to prevent the disease rather than treat it.

The fifth reason - a desire to see around bright colors. Sunny summer generously people vivid colors: green grass, blue sky, bright colors ... Another thing - late autumn. In the autumn of all the colors are dull and sulfur, nature becomes boring and uninteresting. So try to surround yourself with bright colors yourself: wear bright house tops and T-shirts, warm dressing gown too may well be a bright color. Show your design skills and apply bright wallpapers, decorate your home with unusual colored interior details.

All of these tips will help you cope with the autumn depression. And if you use them early and then prevent its occurrence.

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