Autumn depression: five ways to cope with the blues

Autumn depression: five ways to cope with the blues
 For many, autumn - not the most favorite season. And there's a simple explanation: not only do the holidays over, so more sunny days are getting shorter. Therefore, autumn depression familiar even inveterate optimists.
 Do not think that this concept appeared only in the age of high technology. In the 19th century was known as a fashionable term depression "Spleen". But in those days she suffered a rich population, the poor had no time to worry about leaving summer and change their attitudes.

Today about how to cope with depression, many think. However, before you seek funds to help improve the psychological state, it is necessary to understand yourself. Truly autumn depression is characterized in that associated with reduced solar zhney. And without the sun "happy hormones" - endorphins are produced in a minimal amount.
If the depressed state has no other psychological preconditions, the proceeds from the autumn depression may be different.

In the first place there is color therapy. If the body lacks bright colors, you just need to add them. It all depends only on the imagination, desires and capabilities. One bright enough to buy a cup, while others may require a radical transformation of the interior.

It is believed that the change of colors of clothing can also help to improve the condition. And the procedure for many women shopping a pleasure. So away with all the gray, colorless and dull. The brighter clothes, the merrier mood. Of course, within reason: in the struggle with depression should not be like a traffic light, combining all possible colors in clothing.

The third way to deal with depression regard to the increased lifestyle. The movement promotes the formation of hormones of happiness, no less than a chocolate bar. Therefore fall just perfect to start to play sports.

Method number four - a small personal joy. Pamper yourself need, no matter whether it is a cake, eaten bypassing strict diet or unplanned purchase of a new scarf.

The fifth method. Overcome apathy towards life is possible by means of aromatherapy. It is known that essential oils have a mass of useful properties, including enhanced immunity, improve health and restore emotional balance. Essential oils can be added to the bath or to aromatize them using a room.

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