We serve Christmas table

We serve Christmas table
 New Year - a holiday favorite and adults and children. And, of course, the main place in the celebrations take New Year's table. Today, many families are not accepted to arrange a sumptuous feast. Much more important is to organize the evening so that guests noticed and appreciated all the culinary talents of design and hostess.
 In preparation for the new year everything has to be perfect, and homemaker, mindful of this, forcing the whole family to take part in the organization of the festival. Particular attention is usually given to serving festive table.

Tablecloth on the table must be perfect on it should not be spots and wrinkles. To achieve this, it is necessary to razutyuzhit until all folds except longitudinal. Tablecloth can be stretched, so it is best to lay under her flannel from cotton fibers, which will also help to reduce noise from banging cutlery.

It is best to use the so-called "maxi" -skatert, which will cover the entire table and will fall to the floor. If you want to upgrade, you can simply sew her interesting and vivid image associated with the onset of the New Year.

Making a festive table, be original. For example, try using contrasting colors when choosing a tablecloth and napkins, in particular, the gold color is well matched with red and yellow - blue. Napkins best to choose cotton, and if you want to offer their guests in the form of complex shapes that approximate their size should be 50 to 50 centimeters.

Would you like to evening was like a dinner party? Then you need the card with the names of all those present. Not necessarily to use the services printing, you can cut them out of the cards on the New Year. Dinner to remember all the guests, try to pick up the presents, individually suited to a particular party in the evening. You can also make a small box wrapped in foil, with predictions and wishes for guests.

In the center of the table is recommended to place a small ice bucket and champagne, which is within reach of everyone present. After placing dishes scatter among them multicolored sequins that will transform a table in the literal sense of the word.

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