Plants for vertical gardening

Plants for vertical gardening
 Vertical gardening is used in landscape design for the protection of children's playgrounds, recreation areas, small architectural forms, buildings and other landscaping plants from wind, dust, noise, moisture and overheating.

Vertical gardening is successfully used for the decoration of the city's buildings and for decorating country houses. Using this method allows you to enter any building harmoniously into the overall design of the landscape. For these purposes curly types of perennials, vines.

Climbing plants are fast growing and easy to maintain, so in a short period of time can be realized even the most amazing fantasy. The most commonly used for vertical gardening vines. Russian climate perfect hybrid Actinidia, hydrangea Cheshkova, trehkrylnik Regel, curly honeysuckle. Grow well in the summer of passion fruit and kiwi, and in the winter periods they are transferred to the cellar.

When choosing plants for vertical gardening is important to consider their requirements for pollution and light, and hence the orientation of the wall. Most plants are unpretentious and Amur girlish types of grapes, hops and Celastrus. Resistant to dirt and Honeysuckle Honeysuckle kolomikta Actinidia.

Before buying plants for vertical gardening is desirable to see it "live". In addition, if you are not going to cut the plant every year, you should be aware of its size in adulthood. For example, the first vines develop their own root system, and only then master the space above the ground.

Decoration of a building by means of vertical gardening requires the prior construction support. In use as a support galvanized and plastic articles, including pipes of polypropylene. Also used bamboo and wooden supports, treated with antiseptic preparations. The exceptions are the supports for the plants over three meters in height and long-lived species of vines. For them, it is recommended to install stainless steel construction.

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