Features of growing plants on the balcony

Features of growing plants on the balcony
 Balcony, framed by flowers and greenery, spectacularly decorated buildings, delighting the eye and lifting the mood around. In addition, the greens on the balcony and has a practical value: it will help ease the street noise, partially absorbing sound, clear the air of dust, and on hot days to protect against the bright sun and create shade. On this balcony overgrown greenery, nice rest.
 It is necessary that the containers in which to grow plants on the balcony, have contributed to the growth and abundant flowering plants. Furthermore, they must be resistant or special clamps firmly secured. For growing plants in a way suitable for a variety of wooden and plastic boxes, tubs, ceramic pots, hanging pots and wicker baskets.

Note that the boxes must be placed in a horizontal position, since any misalignment of the water will drain toward the roll along the ground. Optimal size for balcony boxes are: depth - 20 cm, length - 1 m, width - 20-25 centimeters. In these boxes can be placed a sufficient number of plants, moreover, they are not very heavy.

Look beautiful hanging pots and baskets that can be hung on a wire or cord to a wall or vertical rack. In these pots look great basket plant.

For lianas support is needed, which should be pretty solid and well fixed, since it must withstand the brunt of shoots and stand in strong winds.

Soil for balcony plants should be light, loose, nutrient and water-holding capacity, because the soil is quickly exhausted and dry. Create a potting soil can be made of sheet and turf soil, sand and peat in the ratio of 2: 2: 1: 1. Also you can add to the soil humus and complex fertilizer to increase its nutritional value.

Plant Care includes regular watering, timely garter to the supports and remove the dried leaves and flowers. Water the plants in the evening or in the morning as the drying of the upper layer of the earth in a pot. Try to avoid drying earthen coma and his waterlogged. After watering the soil proryhlit.

In order to achieve a rich and long flowering, feed the plants regularly. It must be done at least three times per season.

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