Eating habits of China: Chinese cuisine

Eating habits of China: Chinese cuisine
 The thousand-year Chinese history, the centuries-old Chinese culture and vast territory, which is China, are reflected in the polyphony of Chinese cuisine. Common to all "eight dishes" Celestial Empire - the harmony of color, aroma, taste and shape. The Chinese believe that a good meal is not only the excellent taste but also a curative effect. It prolongs life, provides useful energy and support the right constitution. Many dishes are prepared in a short time at high heat in its own juice or small amount of water due to this food, particularly vegetables retain their color and shape, as well as most of the vitamins and minerals.  

Kitchen Guangdong Province and Cantonese cuisine.

One of the richest Chinese provinces, Guangdong is famous for warm and humid climate suitable for growing vegetables, herbs and fruits. Coast Cantonese cuisine gives a variety of seafood, forests rich in game, animals feed on the abundant and well-fed fruit in abundance. Since local produce incredibly good cook emphasize their original freshness and rich taste. Fry in deep fat and season with "thin", not sharp sauce - that's one of the favorite culinary techniques Cantonese cuisine. Love and then steamed. Cantonese cooks pay much attention to serving dishes, reaching this unprecedented success.

Famous dishes: fight the dragon with a tiger, shark fin soup, sea bass steamed and roasted suckling pig.

Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan cuisine is popular in the West, perhaps even more than at home. It characterizes the spicy and tangy taste that is created using the garlic, ginger, chili and fermented soybeans. But most do not skimp here to use local, Sichuan pepper. Meat and vegetables are pickled, stewed, fried without oil, the Copts and served to the table, drawing their views and magnificent aroma. Every morsel of food "burn" your mouth and wash it down requires excellent wine.

Famous dishes: chicken Kung Pow, smoked duck, twice-cooked pork, bean curd pockmarked woman.

Shandong cuisine

Shandong cuisine boasts clear and clean taste their dishes. She avoids fat and focuses on flavor and tender texture of foods. Popular spices - shallots and garlic. Here, like clear soups with a clear and fresh taste and soups, thick and rich. Jinan chefs prefer to cook grilled, deep-fry and Stir frying and Tszyaodong province is famous for seafood prepared so that they felt all the freshness of the water element.

Famous dishes: soup of swallows' nests, carp from Huang-He (Yellow River) in sweet and sour sauce.

Anhuyskaya kitchen

Anhui is a district on the banks of rivers and Yantsy Huai He. Here cooks pay much attention to cooking temperatures, masterly stewed products and add to dishes like coriander, bacon and caramel.

Famous dishes: freshwater eel in anhusski stewed snapper and stewed pigeons.

Hunan cuisine

Hunan cuisine emerged among the western mountains, on the shores of the lake and river Dyantina Syantszana. Spicy, flavorful, fat - that's what food is popular here. Of course, the chefs are virtuosos in the preparation of the lake and river fish, but so skillfully manage them and poultry. Specialties - smoked and dried mountain game.

Famous dishes: chicken Dongan and hot hot chick.

Of Zhejiang cuisine

Zhejiang cuisine includes gastronomic traditions of the three cities - Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing. Products masterly Burke, and then extinguish them, boiled, fried so as to best preserve the taste and smell. Ningbo cuisine is famous for its harmonious combination of products, condiments, method of preparation and appearance of food. For her, it is very important to preserve the natural flavor of foods, give the dish a special tenderness and "smooth" texture. Shaoxing kitchen specializes in river fish and poultry. Chefs love to cook soups in a rustic style with thick rich flavor. Second dishes appreciated softness and crispness.

Famous dishes: chicken beggar, sour West Lake fish.

Jiangsu Cuisine

Characteristic of this kitchen special grace. And it is not only light and fresh sweetish dishes, but also how to cook cut products. Those who are interested in carving (carving vegetables and fruits), there is much to learn from virtuosos of Jiangsu. They not only cut intricate shapes, but can cut a small piece of the product in a split second at the hundreds of tiny fragments. Very meticulously in Jiangsu refers to the combination of colors of products in the dish. And while the food is obtained not only decorative, but also fantastically delicious, not just edible. For those who have problems with the stomach, Jiangsu cuisine - a paradise. After all, there is not very much favor spices, especially sharp, but almost all the best Chinese vegetarian dishes - a native of Jiangsu.

Famous dishes: braised crab, steamed Seled, braised pig's headache.

Fujian cuisine

Fujian cuisine - is mainly dishes from Fuzhou, south of Fujian province. It is light and fresh, sweet and sour dishes. As seasonings here like to use brown sugar, often are served with spicy mustard sauce. Speciality of the cuisine - "red yeast", a special spice, coloring dishes in a bright color.

Famous dishes: chicken with red yeast, fish with red yeast.

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