Caring for orchids

Caring for orchids
 All probably heard about the unusual flower with a beautiful name "Orchid". He also accompanies the phrase "Beautiful Orchid", and it is rightly deserved. How did this miracle grow in the home, and whether it is possible at all?

This gentle creature of the climatic conditions are not similar to the climate of our apartments. But contrary to popular opinion about the complexity of caring for orchids, as if they are specifically designed for indoor breeding, and teach them to grow, without too much trouble, you can take on other, more demanding forms of care.

The singularity of this flower and another that he likes and can grow on such soils where other plants would feel uncomfortable. For example, in a pot with shredded pine bark, poured layers - bottom larger, and on top of a finer grit. It is also possible to fill the vessel or the moss peat mixture. Options, in fact, a lot. And you can approach this creatively. For example, to grow an orchid on a piece of pine bark, strengthening her any substrate. Watch this flower is very decorative.

So you've decided to decorate your home overseas miracle, and you have the first orchid. So where do you want to start? How not to ruin the plant as long as possible and enjoy it bloom?

Rule number 1: Light. It should be enough. On the windows facing north, orchid can bloom very rarely or never bloom. You will be able to make additional illumination fluorescent light. Just take care of first flower from direct sunlight, if you are owner of an apartment with windows facing south. Typically, over time, this problem will disappear because orchid adapts to the bright sun.

Rule number 2: Watering. This can be done only when the substrate in which it grows is completely dry. After all, the climatic conditions in the side where the orchid genus, such that the dry periods alternating with rainy.

Rule number 3: Temperature. Ideal conditions for normal growth - a daily temperature is below a couple of degrees. This is common in our apartments. But if suddenly you have a very warm and dry, you can put on the battery wet towel, it will reduce the amount of exhaust heat and lower the temperature of the air near the window.

As you can see, the requirements for growing orchids is not particularly severe, but if you neglect them, the pet may languish or even die. But with proper care and, most importantly, love for the plant you are proud to be able to admire them.

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