Walk on the boat: a river cruise on the Volga

Walk on the boat: a river cruise on the Volga
 A cruise on the Volga - a great way to spend a vacation, holidays or weekends out of town. This holiday will leave many pleasant memories of warm, whether you're with friends, friend or loved one.
 How to choose a cabin

If you are planning a river cruise on the Volga, you should think about how to choose a cabin. Experienced travelers are advised not to pay for the most expensive apartments. After all, most often on the ship tourists spend just night and day to make excursions to the major cities of the Volga region, or to participate in recreational activities on board.

Luxury cabins are located on the upper decks (tiers), cheap - on the lower. Rooms are single, double and quadruple. Basic amenities are in any cabin, but it is more expensive than the more comfortable and better equipped. For example, in a luxury apartment can be a plasma TV, a private bathroom, air-conditioning system. For Class 1 typically has a shower, a simple TV, air conditioning, etc.

To know in advance how it will look your cabin. Before you book a flight, ask the manager of an album with photos of its interior. If possible, take a trip to the dock and make sure that you really want to go on a cruise on this ship. Shipping companies will not oppose a preliminary examination of the interior, on the contrary, they tend to create all conditions for a potential customer.

When choosing cabins keep in mind that pitching is much stronger feeling on top decks. That is just where are expensive places. And the closer to your cabin will hold, so you will be comfortable during the voyage.

Cruise menu

When buying tickets for a cruise on the Volga, check with the shipping company, including whether its food value or not. Vouchers "powered" by 50-60 per cent more expensive. Its clients firm-carriers often offer the first option. If you want to cook themselves, and can do so in the "marching" conditions using water of titanium, which is installed on the main deck. In addition, many ships have a restaurant with a varied menu for regular orders or buffet. Alcohol is not included in the price. It must be paid separately at the bar.

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