Walk in Kolomenskoye

Walk in Kolomenskoye
 Kolomenskoye - a popular holiday destination in Moscow. This reserve, which includes a beautiful park, garden and museum-estate with many historical monuments. Visit Kolomenskoye possible with a guided tour or on your own: go to Metro Station and walk through the vast territory of the architectural complex.
 The first mention of Kolomenskoye belong to the XIV century. According to ancient legend, founded the settlement people who fled from the troops of Batu after their home was burned to the city of Kolomna.

Manor in Kolomenskoye was the favorite residence of Russian tsars. There were built temples and buildings for various purposes, and in the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was built a huge palace for 270 rooms, which contemporaries considered the eighth wonder of the world.

Palace stood only a hundred years. After the capital was moved to St. Petersburg finally decayed and was dismantled. But made meticulous measurements and drawings it was restored and is now the palace is a real gem of the architectural complex.

One of the most beautiful places on the reserve - Ascension garden, which occupies 5 hectares. He is considered one of the oldest in Moscow. In the garden grow apples and four hundred oaks.

In the 20s of the last century on the basis of the architectural ensemble organized a small museum, which eventually expanded and now occupies the territory of 390 hectares. In the early years of the museum at the initiative of the architect PD Baranowski, who was appointed director of the estate, began to build a museum of wooden architecture in the open.

In Kolomenskoye transported monuments of wooden architecture of XVII-XVIII centuries and placed them in the old garden of the Ascension. Now exposure Reserve 17 magnificent buildings, delivered from Arkhangelsk memorial house of Peter I, Fraternal Tower and Holy Gates of St. Nicholas Karelian Monastery.

Taking a walk in Kolomna, you can visit the existing forge, watermill and manor beekeeper, which represents the life of the Russian beekeeper late XIX - early XX century.

Summer in Kolomenskoye attracts Muscovites and visitors stroll through the beautiful park where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air, walk along the embankment of the Moscow River, and also to make a boat trip on the ship or boat. Here transit routes plying on the river ships. And on the shores of the exhibition held annually sand figures.

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