Time travel: the most famous caves of the earth

Time travel: the most famous caves of the earth
 Large and diverse world of underground voids. They were formed millions of years ago in a natural way, some of them later became home to the first humans. Now these caves and grottoes are increasingly being studied by scientists, cavers, they can look into the past of the Earth and learn a lot about the whole geological and cultural epochs.
 Perhaps the most famous of the existing caves has been and remains the Iraqi Shanidar cave. In it were found the remains of primitive people, household items and some funeral accessories. These findings allowed the scientists to conclude that the life and culture of the first people. The oldest burial of the found date back to 50-70 thousand years BC The cave was inhabited continuously, so Shanidar can be seen as an open textbook on the history and development of mankind.

One of the most famous caves of the Urals - Cave Kungurskaya. It is famous for its beautiful grottoes. One of them - Diamond. In fact, diamonds are not there, but the body of the grotto covered with ice. Solar and lunar light, erupting into it, creates a magical spectacle - ice crust and growths are iridescent. Grotto got its name due to this effect.

Another huge and famous cave called Snow is in Abkhazia. At the bottom of the cave begins an ancient glacier, forming a network of mazes of passages and transitions, some of which are inundated. Once this created some difficulties for researchers. In Abkhazia, there is another beautiful and amazing cave Abrskila. At the bottom of its run of the river, from the walls hang a lush carpet of ferns and vines and filled with crystal clear water blue lakes create the impression of an underground paradise.

In New Zealand, there is a cave Uaytomo. Beauty and the uniqueness of it is comparable to the Urals Diamond grotto. At the bottom of the cave runs a river with cool water and vault and walls of the cave caked huge number of living organisms that glow in the dark. Therefore, at any time in the light of Uaytomo thousands and thousands of tiny "stars".

The most beautiful caves of the earth is considered the Chinese "Reed Flute Cave". Such a variety of colors and shapes is difficult to find elsewhere. Beauty and elegance of the cave is comparable with some coral reef, it is difficult to imagine that such magnificence hidden under a layer of earth.

But the biggest known to modern man caves located in the United States. Some of its more than 250 transitions last kilometers. Stalactites and stalagmites, grand corridors, halls and giant chasm, rivers and lakes of this wonderful creation of nature affect cavers around the world.

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