Time travel: the magnificent Barcelona

Time travel: the magnificent Barcelona
 The Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia, is considered to be a treasure trove of world culture. Here lived and worked great architect Antonio Gaudi. In the streets of this city, you can wander for hours, always admiring the magnificence of the buildings, boulevards, cathedrals.
 To see all the sights of Barcelona, ​​you have to spend in the city at least a few weeks. But once there, even for one day, you can always fall in love with him. One of the most significant places in the capital of Catalonia is considered a legendary Las Ramblas. He traded all sorts of things and having fun, walk and admire for unique living sculptures, enjoy life and relax.

And if you roll a little to the side, you can get into a real Goticheskity quarter. There are narrow streets, cobblestone, old houses, ancient Cathedral - every stone breathes history. In addition, a lot of snack bars everywhere and shops, so you can make a bargain or enjoy delicious local cuisine.

Barcelona has become a symbol of the Sagrada Familia, Sagrada Familia. This great work of Antonio Gaudi, the master did not have time to finish it before his tragic death. The temple is built so far and makes an indelible impression. How, in fact, all the work of the architect - for example, a stunning palace Guell, amazing house Vincennes, Mila, Casa Batlló and Calvet, unusual Park Guell.

City center - a huge area of ​​Spain. It rises a majestic monument to the famous Christopher Columbus. And nearby is one of the largest aquariums in Europe, which will be interesting to see both children and adults.

And in many museums. Some of the most visited by tourists - Pablo Picasso Museum and the Museum of the football club "Barcelona". But it is also worth a visit in the cultural center of the Caixa Forum, Museum of Modern Art, the National Art.

Arriving in Barcelona, ​​you can visit the park "Catalunya en Miniatura". They collected a small copy of all the historic buildings of the country. And if you have time and desire, it is worth to visit the monastery of Montserrat. It holds a unique sculpture of a black Virgin Mary. It is believed that Our Lady, nicknamed Darkie, fulfills the aspirations of the suffering.

Of course, this is not all worthy of sightseeing in Barcelona and its surroundings. But among them, everyone will find something that will be remembered forever.

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