Time travel: amazing Australia

Time travel: amazing Australia
 Australia - State-continent, lapped by the warm waters of the two oceans. Beckon tourists amazing landscapes of this continent, its beautiful cities, extensive botanical gardens, beautiful wild savannah and the remains of the ancient Australian culture, expressed in a variety of petroglyphs in the caves and in the rocks.
 The capital of Australia Sydney in 2012 was recognized as the most beautiful city in the world. The main attraction of the city - the Opera House or the Sydney Opera House. This is almost the most famous and recognizable building in the world. Opera afar looks like a giant ship with white sails and is one of the symbols of the capital-continent.

Slightly less famous friend of Sydney's attractions - the Harbour Bridge. This is one of the largest arch bridges not only in Australia but all over the world. Its weight is about 40 000 tonnes, more than a kilometer in length. New Year's Eve on Sydney Harbour Bridge of grandiose fireworks. This extraordinarily beautiful fireworks show from 1999 was a Christmas tradition.

Melbourne - one of the most densely populated cities in Australia. The giant metropolis is located on the southern coast of the continent and annually receives a huge number of tourists wishing to see the main sights - the cottage once belonged to James Cook. This stone structure in 1933 was dismantled and the bricks brought from England to Australia.

Perhaps the most amazing place on the entire Australian continent - Kakadu National Park. In the park grows a wide variety of plant species, but the most interesting of them - the giant eucalyptus trees and grass-like tree ferns. Due to its isolation from the rest of the continent of the world, Australia has become the last refuge of marsupials, on other continents they became extinct about 180 million years ago.

Pride of Kakadu National Park - cave paintings in caves. According to scientists, the age of drawings is about 30 000 years. This is the first traces of human cultural activities in Australia. On numerous petroglyphs can be seen stylized images of people, wild animals and birds. Of particular interest are the scenes of hunting, in the style of "Mimi" and drawings in the "X-ray" style.

Another world-famous National Park is located off the coast of Australia - Great Barrier Reef. He was and remains the largest, most populous and most lively ecosystem in the world, more than four hundred species of coral, fifteen hundred species of fish and a lot of crabs, clams and squid inhabits the waters of the Coral Sea.

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