Road trip: Tips for Girls

Road trip: Tips for Girls
 Road Trips attractive their capabilities - plaque road romance, arbitrary choice of route and travel, discover new places and countries, check their strength and endless pleasure from the feeling of freedom.
 You can go by car, collected by associates, friends or even alone. All other vehicles in terms of pleasure and memories very inconvenient - the train you can be faced with unpleasant companions, from the airplane can be accessed only with the scale-up of the terrain, and the bus ride forced to adjust to the schedule and the overall program. Moving by car, you can choose a parking space at their discretion - offers picturesque scenery, roadside cafes and motels, etc.

Before the trip should be to prepare the car - go service, troubleshoot, check all the technical parameters. Be sure to put in the trunk of a small box with the tools necessary for minor repairs. Reconsider a travel bag and take only what you need - extra weight you to anything.

All personal documents (license, passport, medical insurance policy, car documents), store them separately in a small purse within reach, such as in the glove compartment. In any case, remove the copies of each and fold in the other place - so you protect yourself in case of loss of the basic package of documents.

Stock up on fruit and water - you can take a thermos of tea. Better to leave early in the morning until the roads are empty and the movement is not as intense. Before the trip should not be tight to eat, make yourself an easy and high-calorie breakfast. Think carefully about how and where you eat - in the car must always be a small margin (biscuits, fruit, vegetables, juices, etc.). Assemble a first aid kit with necessary medicines - there will not only medications that must be in accordance with the requirements of traffic rules, but also for the treatment of specific diseases. Put the tablets from indigestion, motion sickness drugs, lowering the temperature and pressure, etc.

Most importantly - correctly plan the movement. Calculate all bounds - so it will be easier to navigate overnight, sightseeing and so on. Specify the date and time of refueling machine, pre-select the hotel or hotels (if you can, book number).

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