Harbin: walk near the international exhibition center

Harbin: walk near the international exhibition center
 Harbin - administrative center of Heilongjiang Province. It was founded by Russian in 1898, the year as an important transit point for Chinese Eastern Railway. Russian community until the late 40s of the 20th century was a significant part of the population of the city and left an imprint in its history, in what can be seen easily by reading the architecture of the central part of Harbin.
 Currently, Harbin - a highly developed industrial city, which, in addition, is one of the major centers of trade between China and Russia. It is the largest city in north-eastern China. Due to the geographical position, the climate in the administrative center of continental with signs of the monsoon. It is much more cool and dry than in most parts of China. Therefore, there is often held international exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs with the participation of foreign delegations, especially from those countries whose citizens suffer heavy moist heat. As the scope of these activities has been steadily expanded, was built ultra-modern International Exhibition Center. Its total area is 330 thousand square meters.

Center, shaped the Latin letter U, located in the northeastern part of the city. By long tradition, most of the activities carried out in the early autumn - September and early October.

In the vicinity of the center located luxurious, prestigious areas. It has built high-rise buildings, are the most expensive restaurants, cafes, hotels and fashion stores, numerous banks. Nearby is a beautiful park, as well as Harbin Tower, which the residents of the city called "Dragon Tower". Cost of goods and services in the area is the highest in the city.

Live in the vicinity of the international exhibition center for the residents of Harbin - it's like to live on Fifth Avenue for the inhabitants of New York or at the Old Arbat for Muscovites. This is an indicator of financial health, career, weight in society. It is not surprising that there are the most expensive apartments that sold businessmen, officials, VIPs and members of their families.

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