Ideal mate: tutorial on turning

Ideal mate: tutorial on turning
 Why does one and the same person over time turns into a totally new, unfamiliar to you an individual? My favorite, which consisted of some merit for one night becomes a tyrant and despot.

When we are in the beginning of a relationship, we all seem fine. Loved one is one of the advantages. We rejoice in the rare happiness that fell to our lot in the face of a prince on a white horse. But after a little time and you begin to see the horror in your chosen one and the opposite direction of its merits. The situation is aggravated by the fact that you decide to live together. One thing to just meet and quite another to everyday problems.

There are two opposing views on the impact on the character of a partner. There is a version that it is impossible to alter a person. And most importantly do not need to do that. You need to take it for what it is. Or just run away. Another opinion says that the perfect mate to do the most. That men are easy to education and taming. If you are a supporter of the second option, there are several methods of influence on the faithful.

If you want to achieve something from the partner, begin to act in advance. Slowly and slowly drips on brains favorite. Your goal is to to the right decision, he allegedly came to himself. Randomly dropped by the phrase, hints, sooner or later come across it on the desired option. For the most diehard action active and desirable as clearly express their thoughts.

If you want to change his appearance and manner of dress, try to buy him clothes themselves. Colluded with friends, so that they admired his views in your shirt donated. Make him a manicure. Gentle treatment of nails nail file will almost certainly give him great pleasure.

Manipulation options are many. You need to find the key to the nature of your partner. If he is a fan of meal, the impact of a delicious lunch. Your ingenuity in bed can also do a good job. Still, do not forget that you love him as he is. And it may be worth little to change itself, to achieve harmony in the relationship.

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