How to return former love

How to return former love
 If you decide to return the young man or former spouse, first decide: do you really need it, or you speaks only wounded pride? Because guided by wrong assumptions, you can only spoil everything.
 Do not try to get it back right away, do not humiliate. It is possible that after some time, it will remind you of yourself and offer to begin all over again. It is not necessary constantly to indulge in sad thoughts: Sad little virgins who loves. Even if your gap was too rough, and the heat of the moment you have told each other a lot too much, do not reproach yourself.

Remember when you just feel that between you and your loved ones have disappeared trusting relationship, and who (or what) served to the cause. Do not blame a man around, even if you broke up with him because of what he has changed or you behave selfishly. Be honest with yourself: what did you do to prevent this from happening?

Collect all the things that remind you of it, and if you feel sorry for them to throw away, give them to friends or family time. Send them to him is not worth it: what if he really wants to go back and check, still if you cherish the memory of it. Even if this is not the case, any person will be pleased to know that about him are not forgotten.

Do not force the event. Wait until the dust settles a bit of passion. Try not to discuss and condemn them to chat with your ex-girlfriends, and especially not to involve them in your efforts to bring him back. The maximum that you can do - find out through our reliable friends in common, what he was doing, he meets. If your loved one is still alone, it does not mean that he also suffers without you. It is possible that after the kind of relationship he is afraid to meet women, anticipating a similar outcome.

If after your breakup have passed at least a month, you can write or call him. Try to assign a meeting on neutral territory - in a park or cafe. Do not rely on what he wants to see you again. If he did come, let him know that he will certainly care about, but you might as well do without it. Not to speak to him any claims or hang it directly on the neck. Respect his choice if he wants to, he will come back to you.

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