Why do we speak badly about your ex

Why do we speak badly about your ex
 Is considered bad form to discuss his relationship with his former partner, completely useless to talk and analyze past due if the current relationship is completely satisfied. When a person falls in love, he thinks only of the object of adoration, more of it do not care. Especially, it is unlikely someone wants to know what was the former partner.
 Most often, the female half of humanity is frank discussions with this partner about how is life before, before I met him. But here the stories of this kind should be different informative, there is no need to know your loved how you met, or how good sex life was. It would be enough to tell whether there are children, how many years have lived together, and when dispersed. Talk about how bad it was in all respects - a big mistake.
After listening to the negative reviews about a former lover, a person can think about is that in the event of a breakup, he will be no less "colorful" stories tell future partners and friends.

Men, in turn, used to tell all the details about ex-lovers, specifying how much she loved him, and everything was fine, but to understand each other well and could not, so that there was a collapse. Or she changed than dealt a heavy blow.

In a new relationship in the event of dispute, the partners to each other automatically taken as an example of his former saying, "And here's my ex-boyfriend to this is easy." Rare mention in passing any situation from the past can not be called a vice, because it's part of life that will always remain with us. Sometimes people do not attach importance to the time remembers aloud about the former relations almost on a subconscious level. This happens when the emotions no longer exists, only good or bad memories. In some cases, recall and funny situations, however, the present partner does not necessarily know all the details.

In the event that past feelings and emotions remain relevant and if there are still trying to understand the relationships that have already been finished, it means that the past is still very important. Build a new relationship at this time is almost impossible. As long as a person has a desire to discuss the shortcomings of the former relationship, seek to justify some actions and thoughts go back, it will not be ready for new feelings. People are discussing the former favorite, just want to return to those relationships, despite all the resentment and regret.

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