When full of happiness one little love

When full of happiness one little love
 There are people who can love one person throughout life, sometimes even this love is unrequited. But a large percentage of lovers once changed his own half. In some it was only once, while others going life. It turns out that one love them enough. Why is this happening?  

According to statistics, a large percentage of men have changed their loved ones. This can be explained by the fact that they are polygamous, but the reason you need to look somewhere deep. More often than male asserts itself at the expense of their numerous connections. Psychologists say that one of the reasons are complex, which stretch from childhood, for example, a boy, was unprepossessing, the girls called him, and he grew up and turned from an ugly duckling into a swan.

Sometimes the desire to numerous relations can be explained by education. Mother who protects her son too, gives him a great amount of love and affection, unconsciously generates in him a constant need for attention, and to the maximum.

Some men just love to be the center of attention, like when they find attractive, sexy. And the more women the better. Such men are almost impossible to change.

With men, everything is clear, and that is why women sometimes a little love?

Some like the men are trying to show its appeal with the help of numerous novels. As a child, they were ugly, and he grew up, they want to prove to myself and others that are adorable and may well break your heart not one man.

Treason many girls explained by the desire to take revenge on the entire male gender. Once the man she loved had betrayed her, and she harbored a grudge in his heart, change partners as gloves, and throws them first.

Psychologists determine and such loving girls who simply are afraid of responsibility. When they feel that things had gone too far, they like Julia Roberts in the movie "Runaway Bride", trying to escape from a serious relationship.

There are many reasons why people can not focus on one person and are looking for more and more new connections. This may be too much energy, strength, positive feeling of self-worth and more.

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