Pros and cons of office romance

Pros and cons of office romance
 People tend to love and be loved. Sometimes you spend half my life in search of a loved one, and sometimes - as seen and fallen in love with a fifteen year old girl. Man of your dreams can be found anywhere: in public transport, the university, at a party, and elsewhere. Quite often, people meet their fate at work, there is an office romance.

But not everyone is such a novel can end the wedding, and more, on the contrary, people leave. What are the pluses there at the service of the novel? On the other hand, what are the disadvantages? Romance in a relationship and the beginning of new experiences - that's fine, and does not depend on where your senses are born. However, the office romance has its own characteristics.

Working together with your loved one, you meet with him very often. This is seen as colleagues and superiors. You can not hide your relationship - no matter how you tried to do it. Someday employees learn about it.

Another not very nice moment official of the novel lies in the fact that your love is going on at work - wherever you have to go almost every day to make money. Over time, this relationship, no matter how passionate they may seem, will be associated with your work is that it is not very nice. You do not have time to get bored, which is also bad for the relationship. It is unlikely that the authorities will like you in the workplace devote much time to love relationships.

If you have a romantic relationship with the boss, the situation is complicated by several factors. It is rare that such a novel end wedding. Most often, for your boss business relations still remain in first place. If your boss - a woman, an affair with an employee as to what good will not. Boss will be sure that you want to use her office.

Office romance can lead to the fact that after the relationship one of the couple is forced to resign. A broken heart and ruined career - is the result of service of the novel.

Pros official love relationships that they improve productivity and the quality of your work. You are happy to work in a hurry, try to stay there. In addition, you are well aware of your lover, which is also an important positive point in your relationship.

If the office romance still end the marriage, then you have a chance to build strong family relationships, but that someone had to leave this job. Love - it's a wonderful feeling, but let it bring you only joy, not disappointment.

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