Link between handwriting and sexuality

Link between handwriting and sexuality
 On the possibility to determine a person's character by his handwriting is known for a long time. Sexuality is a reflection of nature, therefore, can be determined by the handwriting and her. How to do it?

The slope of the letters

Intensive tilt to the right side talks about open and emotional nature of man. Such people do not hide and do not hold back their feelings, they are passionate lovers.

Letters without tilting show restraint and balance the owner of the handwriting. Such people are eyeing first long before fall in love, and even more so, to a more intimate relationship. Holders of such handwriting do not like experiments in bed, and prefer them to 1-2 standard poses.

The slope of the left side characterizes a person with feelings, completely subordinate to reason. It is not a romantic nature. But such people are often like rough sex.

If the letters and dance, the slope of the matter changes - before you a man whose mind and heart are in conflict. Such people are prone to mood swings. The consequence of this is the volatility and meticulously throughout.


If the pressure is light, then we can talk about the human tendency to loyalty and devotion to a sexual partner. These people are very attentive to others, it is very important to make nice to your partner, and not be satisfied with himself.

Solid letters with strong pressure talk about the nature of the determination, vigor, ardor feelings. In bed, they are passionate and hot. But the owners of such handwriting quickly cool down and begin to burn something else, so be careful with such people.


If the font size is greater than 4 mm, then the person is likely to be impractical, frivolous and wishes to draw attention to themselves.

Small letters are also a sign of self-control and prudence. In his personal life, such people are usually kept and experiments do not like.

Writing style

Man writing letters rounded, capable of cooperation, including in love. He hears his partner and was happy to share with them the joy and anxiety.

Angular handwriting indicates the independent character of the owner. If there is still strong pressure, then people will not agree to comply with and be dominant partner in a sexual relationship.

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