How to sort things out

How to sort things out
 If you have any misunderstanding with your spouse or you are unhappy with the behavior of their children, do not hold accumulated claims deep into yourself. Necessary to solve the problem. Talk about what's bothering you, because your family should be aware of their blunders. However, we must learn to sort things out properly.

Learn to control your emotions while solving the accumulated problems. In no case did not find out the relationship with the help of screams and tantrums if you want to achieve positive results.

If you scream, cry, break the dishes, you can not convincingly explain their position. Your opponent can not you just hear and understand due to scream. Better to face a serious conversation to calm down. To this must withstand time. Make it a rule: before you go to clarify the relationship, you need to count to a hundred. By this time all the fervor pass, you will be able to overcome anger, pull yourself together and look at the situation from the other side.

Learn considered controversial issue is ambiguous: try to see the situation through the eyes of another person. This will help you understand what the dispute is often to blame for the two sides, and each in its own right.

Try during the showdown convincingly present your point of view, give examples and evidence to support its position.

In no case did not go down to mutual insults and even more so to battering. If you allow yourself to humiliate or hurt a man during an argument, it will prevent you agree, because wounded pride will not allow you to meet each other. A concealed resentment for a long time will interfere establish smooth relations.

Instead, claims and accusations better tell about their desires and feelings. For example, wanting to bring a spouse to housekeeping, say, "I love everything that you cook. You have a talent for cooking."

Trying to instill in children the same responsible attitude to study, you can tell about their experiences as follows: "I am very upset your poor performance in school. Try to correct and please me good grades."

Do not forget to praise the interlocutor to say, that you understand it. For example, children can be motivated to take responsibility for their studies, saying that you believe in their ability and willpower.

Find the approach to man during a dispute, try to overcome your emotions, and you're sure to be able to solve all the problems and agree upon.

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