Do not deprive yourself of sexual experiences

Do not deprive yourself of sexual experiences
 Many women are having sex with non-regular partner very seriously, and even if he had a long curse themselves and repent. This often affects puritanical upbringing, because before, when contraceptives were not available, this "adventure" could well result in an unwanted pregnancy. Some women from the joys of healthy sex discourages negative experiences in the past. But is unlikely to carry it the rest of his life.

With respect to health, hobbies and physiologically safe sex women should learn from men. Historically, that in this respect they are more relaxed, rational and pragmatic. Why limit yourself to the pleasures to accumulate tension and slide into depression if there is a great way to blow off steam, have a great time with someone who does not resist you physically and able to deliver pleasure?

Treat naturally to sexual relations, even if they do not involve the subsequent permanent connection. If you are both adults who respect each other as individual people who experience sexual desire and practice safe sex, there's no point in those taboos that you yourself have imposed on such relations.

Without even mentioning that sexual release is necessary and such physical "exercises" are very healthy, we can say that sex - it is also a true celebration of sensuality and feelings. This is a profound emotional experience, which reflected the love, passion, tenderness. Having sex, each partner has the opportunity to experience the fun and get emotional satisfaction.

If you convince myself that having sex - the equivalent of love, that it is natural and pleasant, then the process will be to you better quality. It is, first of all, affect the sensations received and partner. When you are ready to hear and listen, you will always be able to identify the criteria by which you will be able to mutually adapt. Both of you will change their behavior, adjusting to the partner and the desire to acquire additional experience that will help you to meet these criteria.

Do not deprive yourself of sexual experiences - it is a natural component of the emotional background of each person. Sex helps any of us to live a full life and allows you to harmonize relations with the outside world.

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