When a man is going to leave with a woman ...

When a man is going to leave with a woman ...
 Search for a person with whom it was possible to create a strong and united family, a very, very complicated. People are constantly looking for true love. They begin to search for, find, fired, break up and continue to search again. Here is a man found the perfect woman, and hopes that his search is over. A few years everything is going very well. But suddenly there comes a time when a man decides to leave. Family happiness somewhere evaporates and inconsolable wife speculated why throw it.

Why not a relationship? Perhaps she simply was not a good conversationalist and could not keep the conversation going. Or maybe she did not meet the wife sexually. After all, these items are important components of a long and happy relationship between husband and wife.

Many women are now independent, self-sufficient and intelligent. It is one thing when a woman has these qualities. If she tries to prove that she is smarter than his companion, not every man is like. A truly smart woman will never assert themselves at the expense of the elect.

If a woman knows too much sexually, it can alert the man. His mind can come thoughts of turbulent and riotous past his beloved. This is another reason why a man can throw a woman. Although some members of the stronger sex prefer not to lose time to learn something new.

When a man is going to leave with a woman, it's not always only shows her fault. Departing from his wife, he usually says that he and his wife do not get along. Of course, opposites attract, but it happens, unfortunately, not always.

A man may be ashamed of the woman, her appearance, family, occupation or behavior. Couples in which "half" ashamed to bring to people, usually disintegrate rapidly.

More often than men categorically refer to treason, without even letting his wife no chance to correct: "Change? So to be alone! ". If a man passionately loves his life partner and cherishes it, it can still forgive her for having sex with another man. But he never forgets about it and remind case, adding colors and add fuel to the fire of another quarrel.

If we are firmly resolved to leave a man from a woman, he will do it. Many of the fair sex naively believe that they can keep a man next to him, having given birth to his child (though there are exceptions). However, most men prefer to take care of children away from an unloved woman, keeping her a friendly or just financially.

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