How to apologize to favorite

How to apologize to favorite
 It is unlikely that there are couples who have never quarreled. Quarrel and make mistakes almost everything. Therefore, if loving each other people want to continue harmonious relationship, they must learn how to resolve conflicts, to apologize.
 Under the influence of emotions can tell a lot of nasty things to your loved one, to make rash acts, which are sorry. The most difficult task, both for men and for women - is to admit they were wrong, that sometimes it is not easy, but vital.

With small faults can just walk up to a person and say, "I'm sorry it happened" - and forget about favorite insult. But there are much more complex situation where simple apology will not get off. In this case, quickly win back the man to help small women's tricks.

Create all the conditions for a good mood. Delicious dinner, you in full dress and a present, followed by a small apology can melt the heart of a loved one.

Show him how you are unhappy by his indifference and unwillingness to forgive. No jokes and smiles, her eyes wet place - and that you become a victim, and he was callous dork. So as not to feel sorry for ...

If your choice - sensible pragmatist, then the best option of reconciliation - to spread it all on the shelves. Explain why you behave exactly how you felt at the time of your argument that you are provoked and hurt the most. In response, you are likely to hear a couple of reproach, as addressed to you personally, as well as women in general, but once guilty - so bear with me.

Use your sense of humor to enhance the effect brought by an apology. To do this, take a bunch of balloons, tie a bow on them and call on the door a loved one. Surely he can not resist and probably forgive you.

If you believe that a man loves you and no argument will not interfere with your life together or relations, live as if nothing had happened. Shortly favorite approaches you he will cause to talk or require an apology.

Remember that whatever method apology you would not have chosen words must be sincere. Man must understand that you are truly sorry for what happened, with all my heart want to restore the old relationship.

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