How do you know his attitude to his

How do you know his attitude to his
 Sometimes self-confident woman in doubt - whether she likes a man or is it just nice words. Ask openly dangerous, it can be perceived as pressure, and if enough people timid, this might scare him.
 A person who is experiencing an interest in you, will be a hostile glance at the men who attract your attention or communicate with you. Try to tell him that today you all day watching such. A man who is not indifferent to you, it's not like it. He frowned criticize or become an opponent. If it is limited to jokes, it is unlikely you are wondering it strongly.

 Says a lot of his actions. A man who likes you, will try to take care of you and help you. If he finds out about some of your problem, it immediately begins to think about how to solve it. Any insult you in his presence, he is likely to respond by force measures. In short, interesting for yourself a woman takes a man under his wing, even if it is successful businesswoman with a black belt in karate.

 A man who is not indifferent to you, willing to share with you my successes and future plans. And also does not hide his past. He will be interested in your everyday chores and hobbies, he admired your merits and does not pay attention to the shortcomings.

 Pay attention to his gestures. If you like you, during a conversation in the company of the tips of his shoes will be sent to your side. He is also in conversation with you will try to lean closer, will more often and longer look at you. If he is really interested in you sexually, the look will be a special "stripped". About sympathy says that he in conversation with you or ruffles straightens hair. If a woman is really like a man looking at her wide-eyed, with his pupils dilate.

 A man in love unconsciously starts to say "we", especially when talking about the plans. If you notice such a feature in the speech, it is a very good sign. Hence, the relations are developing in a positive direction.

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