Conversations for a bottle of beer, or about long male languages

Conversations for a bottle of beer, or about long male languages
 How often do men accuse their beautiful ladies in "too long tongue." Strong half of mankind simply can not understand how you can be a talker, telling her friends literally all about choices, and loved - all the secrets of female friends. But what, then, do men discuss with friends over a bottle of beer?

Girls rarely take in male company. Usually this is due to the fact that young people need to discuss something important, inaccessible to women's understanding, and there is no need to tell her friends loved then, what do real men.

Begin with a discussion of men's conversations quite innocent so - results of the last match, the latest version of the software characteristics of automobiles. It's simple - affected work and hobbies. But after a few minutes of running out of threads. And then the fun begins.

The next stage of the discussion are familiar people. As a rule, girls. Who else looks, clothes, hair, make-up, young man, work - men are willing to discuss all the "completely." And then talk smoothly flow to loved ones.

Surprisingly, men are ready for a bottle of beer to tell your friends the most intimate details of their personal lives. Sometimes even the girls are not so frank with her friends. However, young people are often slightly embellished events to put themselves in a more favorable light.

Almost incredible fact - but even grown men in this respect no different from teenagers. Yes, the theme is a little different - the stock price on the stock exchange, policy, strategy of running your own business. And then the same thing - a secretary, a neighbor, a wife, a new mistress mutual friend and so on.

But it is necessary to pay attention to the girl men such behavior or say something strong floor will be talkative women, all she can get - hurt for a few days of the satellite. And if the excessive talkativeness men indicate a random passer-by, here and fight to close.

The only thing to wish the girls - show more tact and patience. And, most importantly, to confirm the words of the beloved, in any case without humiliating him in front of friends. Then you can be a good long talk with plenty of friends, discussing this interesting conversation friends.

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