Why did not he gives gifts?

Why did not he gives gifts?
 Ahead of the next holiday or a memorable date, but you do not even expect from a loved surprises. All that he is capable of - it muttered, "congratulations! "And firmly peck on the cheek. But friends and colleagues constantly boast chic gifts, which they presented their husbands and lovers. Why is your man so stingy with the presents?  
 He did not know how to choose gifts

Not every representative of the stronger sex is able to choose the right gift. Moreover, not everyone will be able to understand the subtle and even obvious hint for its beautiful halves. Therefore, if you want to get a certain thing, it is worth right to express their desire. But do not insist, stating that on 8 March favorite certainly should please you gold earrings. It is better to tell us how you want to see beautiful carnation with sparkling stones in his casket. Remember that many men actually expect that a woman will choose a gift on their own.

He does not have money for an expensive gift

Male ego - the thing is extremely sensitive. Therefore, finding finance "sing songs" and money for a good gift is not enough, the favorite can ... give it up altogether. After all, your reaction to the cheap trinket or a modest bouquet can be very unpredictable, and most of all a man afraid of being a loser. So he chooses tactics ignore, "remembering" of the holiday only after your reminders. Explain favorite that you'll be happy even a box of chocolates and armful of wildflowers quite difficult. After presenting you these gifts, though he agrees that he can not acquire greater gifts. The best tactic - to start making little surprises itself. Sweetie, hidden in his jacket pocket, a love letter, attached between the pages of his diary - probably the favorite to take "baton" and begin to answer you the same.

He just regrets money

For a greedy man flowers, lace underwear, expensive jewelry - a waste of money. In that case, if you can "roll out" partner gift, the joy of little things will be a little desirable. Discontented grumbling and sighing about your extravagance will be heard for a long time. In addition, the stingy husband will be very unhappy about giving money even on necessities: clothes, shoes, hygiene items. Even if meanie has a constant high returns, each is a waste for him to be a tragedy. So you should think twice before bind their lives with such a representative of the stronger sex. Seeing your partner first signs of greed: the desire to save on everything, refusal to essentials, reluctance to change is clearly your old stuff with new ones, to think seriously about the prospects of your relationship.

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