What is "Flirtanika"

What is "Flirtanika"
 In a big city person is constantly surrounded by a mass of people. They push, stand at bus stops, going about their business. And among all this crowd so difficult to find your soul mate, your loved one.
 Carefully calculating steps to heights of a career, people often forget about his personal life. Lonely evenings or sitting in bars with friends will not help you find a life partner. Nightclubs with their noise and "Brownian motion" bodies are not conducive to tying a serious dating. Online dating also have a lot of minuses.

You can, of course, wait for the married friend introduce you to friends unmarried men. But if some of them you will not find your destiny, the options have been exhausted. Meeting people on the street today is a rarity. Status of serious men do not allow them to approach the stranger. Oh, and do not see them in public transport. You can look out for eligible bachelors in supermarkets, but this hunt can last for years to no avail.

Guided by these gloomy thoughts, Valery Bo launches a wonderful project for Me "Flirtanika." Prior to that, was already a similar experiment in England Quick Time, but he failed. Russian enthusiasts company was not afraid, and quickly announced the forthcoming party of a new format in the capital club.

To "Flirtanika" invite an equal number of women and men to chance was more present. The organizers selected guests and social status, so no one felt uncomfortable.

The main generator of ideas "Flirtanika" - Valery Bo is a specialist in management, specialization - high technology. But he found that nothing can be above human relations.

At his party you will find many people like you, with the same goals and interests. You know exactly what the men present at the "Flirtanika" came here to meet you, and not drink beer. Organizers have yet to feel for the correct "formula of love", but the idea is good and necessary!

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