Swing. Alternative treason?

Swing. Alternative treason?
 If something is consensual, then it is permissible. When a couple decides to diversify their intimate relationships through meetings with another couple or an invitation to some third party, it can hardly be called a betrayal rather cure for boredom and monotony.

Venturing out to bring to their intimate relationships foreign spouses as to sign a secret agreement that everything that will happen at this meeting, is not considered cheating. But this does not necessarily mean it and that they legitimize the future. Rather, inviting other members of the action, trying to defend his microcosm of random "unauthorized" intrusion. Swing - a kind of game. Often, it is not perceived as reality. It's quite another thing when the husband or the wife finds out about the secret adventures of its halves. From them something and want to save the Union, who decided on the swing.

Often people swing if they lack the visual sensations. Blunted sensibility and state when the partner has become too "his" and acquaintances. This gives rise to the idea of ​​the experiment. But only two of us, just next, because if even a little subsided passion, love and instinct were the owner. A swing - it is like and not cheating, so the couple decided on a similar kind of relationship.

Sometimes the decision to joint meetings with other partners, sexual dysfunction caused by the husband or wife. More often - first. The man could not grow cold to his wife, but because of their age or health status of losing the opportunity to join with her in sexual intercourse. Alternatively, there is voyeurism, ie the satisfaction of watching how someone else makes her act of love. And this is, again, not the fact of change. On the contrary, history has known cases where the woman went on like that for this reason - she wanted to please her husband. However, we are all different, and how to behave in the other person in this situation will remain behind the scenes.

Swing - a way of life. It is not easy to decide, but try again and experiencing pleasant emotions, I want a repeat. Therefore, the relationship between the pairs, tend to become quite stable. From time to time there are beginners, or again threatened to dullness of perception. But as a rule, do without orgy with lots of participants, and without deviations.

Although ... Watching what is meant by deviations. Our parents considered the standard missionary position, but hardly anyone of us it is limited. By the way, swing involves a fairly wide variety of ways to meet passion. After each participant brings to the intimate relationship piece of their skills and desires. It is important that actions were acceptable to all. Under no circumstances should not be allowed to swing three things: jealousy, violence and unprotected sex.

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