How to make him miss me

How to make him miss me
 Probably every girl wants a young man began to yearn for it as soon as it ceased to be in his sight. Unfortunately, the universal and effective approach to solve this problem is not present. However, there are a few little tricks that can help in this endeavor.
 You have to have its own unique flavor. Let it be the smell of fresh milk or doroguschih French perfume - the main thing that he was like your chosen one. As much as half or denied this, but men enough sentimental creatures. It is not easy to imagine a hot hunk who broke more than a dozen women's hearts hugging pillow, keep the smell of the woman he loved. Difficult? But it is true. Try to make your fragrance haunted him throughout the apartment, inadvertently causing a pleasant addition to the association of sadness and longing warm chest in anticipation of the next meeting.

Forget him some little thing - one that is not a necessity in the economy. This can be a scarf, a book or a ring. Remember the fairy tale "Cinderella." Fairy Tales and given it the principle works flawlessly. Just think back to the emotions after the suburban trip when you clean out of the plaid, bags and things debris in the form of pine needles and dead grass. What do you think? Sure on how to have fun and to spend time. Just in case you have forgotten trinket - each time stopping his eyes on her, a man will think only of you.

Share your experiences with it, tell me interesting things. The information received, he certainly will associate with you.

Think of a number of small parties and events, clear and known only to your pair. Work out a little bit crazy things. After an unforgettable, passionate kiss in the rush hour on the main square of the city, passing through it alone, your other half will focus only on you and inadvertently missed. It is also possible, for example, every Tuesday of the third week of the month to declare the day of ridiculous gifts, and in anticipation of the big day his memory will only draw your image.

You can leave small little notes around the house in which you tell him about your feelings. In moments of quiet melancholy, reading these plain love reminders, he will miss even more.

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