Check the feelings of strength

Check the feelings of strength
 Even at first glance the perfect couple needs to be tested on the strength of feeling, as blinded by love, people often do not see the obvious problems that hinder further build relationships.
 Of course, you should check on the sincerity of feelings partner. For example, you can analyze its behavior, there you have it (her) desire to kiss you without any reason. It is also recommended to examine the duration and type of kiss.

The second indicator of a serious relationship is a view, where you can read the mood of a loved one, his attitude towards you. Typically, the "spark" in the eyes indicates a passion and desire to be around.

The third parameter for the study of the relationship partner is an appeal to you, that is how he (she) calls you at home, in public places, etc. Lovers of men do not disdain to call the beloved pet names (cat, we hare, lapulya). Also important has intonation with which to pronounce this name or nickname.

The fourth indicator is the generosity and desire to partner to make surprises and give gifts. In this issue quite important value of the gifts, so this may be a simple trinket, donated from the heart as a sign of respect and love. Of course, if a man is willing to become generous on expensive jewelry or other luxury gifts, it may indicate that the more you had no one, and the money can not be equivalent to his love.

It is also possible to carry out an analysis of what the victim is willing partner for you. This is a clear indication of the sincerity and strength of feeling. This also applies to the separation of tastes, and to the choice of leisure and recreation, whether partner ready to concede in various matters, etc.

A separate paragraph refers to the lovers of physical violence. Historic judgment that "beats - it means love" is unacceptable for many modern women who have self-esteem. Such a man is not worthy of your love and wasting precious time on it.

Thus, there are many ways in which you can test the feelings of strength. Each of them has its supporters and opponents.

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