3 easy ways to test the strength of the relationship

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 Rare representative of the beautiful half of humanity, which has established a relationship with a man, do not think about the fact that it keeps them together: a real love or ingrained habit. Waste time on such speculation is not necessary, because the strength of the relationship test can be carried out using a very simple and proven ways.
 1. tearful sentimentality

Test versions of excessive emotionality can be set. Invite, for example, the man she loved watching tearful melodrama, and after the end of the film for an hour to actively discuss outfits and personal life heroines. During the next evening start to remember the smallest details of your acquaintance, and then remove the photos and ask the man to remember the circumstances under which has been made or that a joint photograph.

More extreme option is writing a poem dedicated to the beloved. However, this check senses work only under the condition that you have no talent for poetry. You can also try to bring home a homeless kitten or puppy and tearfully ask a man to assist in finding a home for the animal.

The test is successfully completed, if your favorite:

- Convincingly pretended that he likes a romantic movie and your poem;
- Independently recalled some nice episode in the history of your relationship;
- With understanding and sympathy took your experiences and to assist, for example, helped to find a host for homeless animals through the Internet.

The test failed, if your favorite:

- Does not wish to pursue the joint romantic evenings;
- Wants to watch movies, interesting only to himself;
- Can not remember any moving events related to your relationship;
- Annoying if you ask for help in solving any cases.

2. Illness

The behavior of men in the most difficult situation visibly demonstrate his true feelings. Just do not need to invent anything tragic, and do not be fooled. Just when you become a victim of the next flu epidemic, ask a man to look after you.

The test is successfully completed, if your favorite:

- Bought and brought you all the necessary medication, and tried something you feed, even if that portion of instant mashed and sausages;
- Readily fulfills your moods, for example, runs the fruit fly;
- Offers its own ways to treat colds or call someone from your family and friends to seek advice on the effectiveness of various folk methods.

The test failed, if your favorite:

- Took time off to make love with you, but instead sprawled in front of the TV and asked him to feed;
- You only have to visit in the evening and, citing fatigue after work, gone in half an hour;
- Do you refused to visit for fear of contracting;
- At your request to buy medicines and food said he was too busy, and asked you to ask for someone else.

3. Money

Another revealing test for men is your complaint to the emerging financial difficulties and the consequent request to borrow money. Just keep in mind that this test will work only if you have a roughly equal incomes.

The test is successfully completed, if your favorite:

- Gives the required amount (his question, what exactly you need money, while fully appropriate);
- Helps you at least a few thousand, if he is in financial difficulties;
- Presents his card and tells the pin code to it so that you can do to remove the required amount (if such a development might even stop to question the fortress of your relationship).

The test failed, if your favorite:

- Calmly replied that he would not give up the extra money;
- Became thoroughly hide all your credit cards and codes to them;
- Read the notation that you have to solve their financial problems;
- Gave money, but set a clear timetable for their return and the amount owed.

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