The perfect guy: what is it?

The perfect guy: what is it?
 Idea of ​​the perfect guy develops gradually girls: under the influence of books, films, articles in glossy magazines or family life with friends and family. Dreams of happiness, ladies subconsciously looking for men in the surrounding features of his ideal, and happens to be. Only here cohabitation sometimes leads to bitter disappointment ...
 Through the efforts of the media culture of success in life is almost equated to the ideal. Girls have absorbed the idea from an early age, estimated guy how much wealth he has managed to acquire and you agree to share with the chosen one. Perhaps in the beginning of the relationship man would be willing to pay handsomely for the novelty of sensations, however, does not the fact that this generosity will extend for a long time.

The title of the perfect man claim and steep macho with inflated muscles and instant reaction. It's really wonderful: a walk in the dark on the most dangerous areas and feel completely safe with reliable defender. But the difficulties of life can not be reduced to meet with bullies in the park. Substituting whether macho his broad shoulder in other situations? Ready to be shared with all of life's complexity girlfriend?

But that is exactly what a woman needs for happiness: feel like a stone wall. Need someone who will be there in sickness and in health, prosperity and poverty. A husband, ready to rock the baby at night to give his wife a rest. Need a friend you can complain about the difficulties and ask for advice.

However, the love and support is available only in exchange for the same support and love. Find the good traits in his guy and think about what it is not enough to be ideal. Then vote itself - is something you need to work to become ideal for your men.

Financial difficulties are overcome, if we work together and support each other. The joint exercise will help you get closer to the guy macho image on-screen, which may be captured once your imagination. Incentive for him to become your love and your faith in the fact that he - the best. However, it is important not to go too far, otherwise the guy might decide that try to change something optional: it did, and so the best.

Women's wisdom and tact should come to your aid. As said the heroine of the famous film, "To become a general's need to marry a lieutenant." To become the wife of an ideal man must marry a safe loving person, and then build with him his happiness.

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