The choice of colors in a gift favorite

The choice of colors in a gift favorite
 Very original and at the same time a nice gift for the man she loved could be a bouquet of flowers. However, it should be able to choose the right flower arrangements, bouquets because men are very different from women.
 When choosing a flower arrangement in a gift to a loved young man, pay special attention to the nuances of buds. In the men's bouquet is not the place of gentle colors, pastel colors - pink, blue, cream and so on. It is much more appropriate to be buds saturated colors - blue, purple, red, bright yellow, maroon, orange, etc. Men can serve as neutral white bouquets and original compositions, built on a bright color contrast. At the same time as possible should choose shades that are most popular with your lover.

Male bouquet should be strict, concise, composed of a small number of colors in the almost complete absence of decorative elements. It generally has an elongated, but in any case not a round shape and is made up of traditionally male flowers - irises, gladioli, etc., Warped tape. Bouquet shall consist of flowers with large buds blossoming or poluraspustivshimisya. If you want to give her lover smartly decorated with a bouquet instead of paper, film, crystals and other elements on the green. For example, it is appropriate to complement the colors fern or asparagus.

If you will be a romantic date with her lover, you can choose a bouquet that will not only present, but also enhance the passion of men. The fact that some plants - excellent aphrodisiac. For example, red or burgundy roses, which are appropriate to present men, due to its aroma can improve mood, as well as cause and enhance sexual desire. Fragrance of iris sometimes referred to as "the smell of passion", and a few centuries ago from these flowers produced potent means a beneficial effect on male potency. You can choose other colors, the smell of which produces a similar effect.

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