Sweet power of pheromones

Sweet power of pheromones
 Everyone has a smell that is unique to him. It is now known to all. This scent form many components. Sexual scents called pheromones, are key ingredients in this multi-faceted "cocktail". Nose - this is our intelligence. This role - the role of the intelligence apparatus took his nature. And, admittedly, the nose with this role copes admirably. If the adjacent organs in him - the eyes and ears can bring us (seduced beautiful appearance or melt at a flow of sweet words), the nose - never. He accurately tells you, you are compatible with a particular person biologically or not. Another conversation that we do not always want to listen.

The nose of each person is provided with the vomeronasal organ (VNO). Here it is something and instantly determines the general smell of any human pheromones. VNO responds only to sexual flavors. They are not given to kill even so juicy and odorous substances like garlic, orange, fennel, as well as perfumes, deodorants, etc. Sensing the pheromones, the vomeronasal organ instantly sends information to the brain. And that, as commander in chief and supreme judge in the High Court, adjudicates - your a man or not. Argue with him - a waste of time, because it's all done on a subconscious level.

You just have to wonder what is happening. For example, you met the man of your dreams (well, you thought so at the moment), he smiled charmingly, and - oh, miracle, he responded to your smile. Here he is approaching you, so to speak ... And now suddenly you are not realizing what you are doing, to pluck up and have time to jump on a departing bus, leaving frustrated gentleman in complete confusion. Meanwhile, explained everything is simple - your nose (or rather UPE) had all the sniff, send the information to the right place, where with 100 percent accuracy was the verdict - it's not your man. Error excluded. The subconscious mind will get you acquainted with this decision, and you unwittingly submitted to him.

What is interesting potential candidate for the partners could smell anything - acrid sweat, cheap cologne, expensive toilet water or mothballs, your intelligence apparatus to allocate in this "composition" just what he needs. Of course, in your power to ignore these impulses of the subconscious and to make contact, but after a while you will inevitably begin to experience irritation to the man, reaching to intolerance, you will be uncomfortable and bleak at intimacy with him. Conversely, if your nose along with your brain decided that a man - is "your all", the sweet power of pheromones will lift you up on a hitherto unprecedented heights.

Where is the love dwell pheromones? You are very much surprised, but the most favorite habitat sexy fragrance is in the armpits. There was even talk that remove hair in the armpit, people sobstvennolichno rob themselves, because they lose with a significant amount of pheromones, ie sexual attraction.
The fact that this is not fiction, supported by historical facts. For example, in some countries, once it was the custom: before the festivities man holding a clean handkerchief under his arm, and then waved them in the face liked girls (complete nonsense in the opinion of contemporaries). When she turned away, a man and did not think to take offense - intuitively it did not take the smell, therefore, nothing good between them can not happen (well, except that the good neighborly relations). Conversely, if as a result of such manipulations young lady's eyes light up, his face appeared playful smile, and traced the movements of passion and impatience (accelerated rhythm of the dance) - everything is in order, it is ready for the continuation of a closer relationship.

By the way, in other countries, went even further (for example, in New Guinea). There's young couples concerned armpits each other hands, then inhaled and, if the smell of one's soul, these sweet pheromones rubbed his skin. Thus, even before they have sex constituted integrally. It was believed that the fun and excitement of intercourse these pairs are provided at one hundred percent.

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