Myths and mysteries of sex unbanal

Myths and mysteries of sex unbanal
 Sex, first of all, should bring partners pleasure that it is not possible to achieve without mutual desire arose. To awaken the desire you need to know some tricks and time to use them.

Sex is no longer a banal, if it has a couple of essential components, which can be always easily diversify. In this case we are talking about the situation for lovemaking. This means the place and the conditions under which partners can get a thrill and experience deep emotions. Special secrets in it, just all depends on the turbulence show imagination, available in both a small tendency to adventurism and a reasonable ability to get rid of unnecessary prejudice.

Sometimes the banality of sex can be eliminated by arranging home recording acts of love. To later hold a kind of "debriefing", expressing tested, as well as wishes for the future. All the secrets is to try to experience something new that has not previously practiced. A material for implementation can always be learned from what he saw, heard or bright pictures secret desires.

Full and unbanal sex is only when you fully trust your partner, you know him as yourself, feel it and, of course, love.

In addition to the mysteries always have universal myths and misconceptions unbanal sex. To those rightfully include, for example, the situation of the movie "Basic Instinct - 2" in which the heroine Sharon Stone manages fast moving cars at increasing speed, and at this time the passenger partner stimulates her vagina.

Another common misconception is pleasant impressions of sex in the water or on the shore. That is how likely you can pick up the infection, while attention is diverted to the caresses and kisses. Remains once again strongly warn those wishing to reproduce the moments in reality.
With every situation and in every situation in any case do not forget about protection and stick to personal hygiene.

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