I, my boyfriend and the computer what to do?

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 Joint life rarely develops without a hitch. But everything becomes much more difficult when the existence of three starts: two lovers and ... computer. Of course, such a situation - not the most pleasant, but it is solvable.

Serious relationship sooner or later reach the stage of their life together. Begins lapping, during which you will learn a lot of advantages and disadvantages of each other. Of course, mutual admiration subsided somewhat and look at a lot of things become different. Period romance does not see reality. After all, surely in the process of appointments and recognitions you thought that all the enthusiasm of a loved one - it's just a nice pastime.

But faced with the problem directly, you become irritated. One of the clearest examples of this - the constant pull of Man to the computer. Like his behavior is clearly not causing your delight. Moreover, the longer you live together, the clearer it becomes awareness of hatred to this inanimate object. After all, it actually distracts attention from loved you. What do you do in this situation? Of course, to fight. Most likely not be able to radically destroy this bad habit, but at least partially succeed possible. Only completely indifferent to you people will be able to ignore all the comments and advice. If you believe in his love, then proceed to action. First, complain to the guy that lacks attention. Turn on all the charm to distract him from the hated technology. Perhaps conscience will tell him - it's time to look for a compromise.

Second, explain to him this unhealthy fascination. Try to convince to do, even if short-lived, breaks. It is possible that he will understand: you take care of it and make concessions. Find for him any other way to spend time. For example, ask him to go to the store, then drink tea together, and then go for a visit or a movie, take a walk in the park or cafe. Invent excuses for it distracted.

But if your efforts are useless and do not lead to results, then go to extreme measures. Make the guy to choose: either you or your computer. Of course, forever deprived of his sweet heart toys are not worth it, but limit the number of hours spent with the technique, it is necessary.

If suddenly he will make a choice not in your favor, it means that he no feelings for you have never experienced before. Why do you need a young man who does not? Therefore, parting with "computer genius", you free yourself for those who can appreciate the girls.

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