How to recognize a lie in relationships

How to recognize a lie in relationships
 At the initial stage of dating in the early budding relationship, without some "white lies" can not do. Both men and women eager to please, to charm each other, and therefore almost instinctively try to present yourself in the best possible light, and the disadvantages favorite just "not notice". However, over time, all the better to know each other, the partners are getting closer and, as a consequence, more and more open and frank. Or do not get, and then intervenes in the relationship lie.  
 Human society, unfortunately (or maybe - fortunately?), Is arranged so that all have from time to time to lie: "How are you? Very Well! "" You look great today! "" Our boss is such a wonderful, right? Oh yeah! "Etc. Thus, people almost from childhood accustomed to speak not what they think or feel, and what they say in such cases.

Perhaps this is not so bad. It is terrible to imagine what life would be transformed if everyone always tells the truth, "How do I look? "-" How clumsily painted pig! "" Our chef so good! What are you! According to it, the prison is crying! "" Do you love me? "-" Probably not, but I am very like your money! "Etc.

Accustomed to the fact that it is better to lie (to embellish, silence) than to offend, hurt, show yourself or another in an unfavorable light, people sometimes carry this habit into a sphere, for which lie extremely harmful, if not to say disastrous - the sphere of relations between floors.

In the happy couples degree of intimacy between partners maximum - they are sincere in relationships and trust each other. This alliance brings both great satisfaction and absolutely not annoying. But if this does not happen, then the degree of intimacy required for a comfortable relationship has not been achieved. Communication in such pairs characterized by a certain formality, which may eventually develop into a coldness and even complete alienation.

What to do when a certain level of trust has not yet been reached, and you feel that your partner is lying to you?

First of all, do not panic and do not represent just "the worst." According to the results of opinion polls, the man most often lies a woman in order to protect it from unnecessary worries. Perhaps he was in trouble at work or with family problems, and he does not want to upset you, talking about them. If you feel that this is the case, depending on the situation, you can:

A. Tactfully ask that it afflicts, and offer search solution together.
B. Leave it like it is. After all, he - a man, and some problems he is able to cope without devoting them you. But in this case it is necessary to hint that you're always on his side. Just in case.

If you encounter insincerity partner at every step and literally unable to break through the wall of lies created by him - these relationships are not viable and should be interrupted as soon as possible. This occurs when:

- Man constantly moving away from all your attempts to speak frankly;
- Embarks on a long and confusing explanations, including when you are even about anything and do not ask;
- Notices directly accessed for questions or react to them aggressively, "You again for his own! ..";
- Finally, the issue outright lies, not caring if you believe it or not.

Of course, we must remember that all of the rules, there are exceptions. There are, for example, silent men. And women too suspicious ... That's why in every situation where affected by the "case of the heart", it is necessary to trust your heart. That is, your intuition - it will always prompt the most proper way.

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